Quality Assurance

Herbs, fruits and vegetables naturally very healthy, but their production can be surrounded by a whole list of malpractices which could compromise their health and safety. That is what has led to the growing concern among food importers, vendors and final consumers.

This is why quality assurance is and should be critical to any well-meaning supplier, selling only that whose safety and quality they can vouch for.

Besides that, it’s important for suppliers to have a well-trained team to regularly monitor production and processing activities and even train others below them, to make ensure that the quality of products meets the set standards.

And like we all know, it’s non-existent until and unless it is documented and verifiable. This is why it’s important for suppliers to get certified against a few of an ever growing number of standards. Various world renowned bodies have (gladly) made it a lot easier to meet expected market expectations, by coming up with structured standards and even providing their respective checklists by which compliance is checked.

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