Rethinking Packaging

Packaging plays a pivotal role in the entire process culminating in the delivery of the product to the market. In horticulture’s specific concern, presentation is to a large extent about packaging. Of course no customer wants to buy a poorly packed product, it’s good quality notwithstanding.

But while that is the case, packaging can be a cause of significant price escalation. For example, better quality boxes cost more than poor quality boxes; that’s a basic fact!

It is also a known fact that while present-ability is of key importance, some of the most common packaging methods undermine the product’s shelf life.

So how does the market embrace full benefit of the most effective packaging and at the most affordable prices? Is it possible to remain competitive while employing the very best packaging methods?

It is our belief that there is need to rethink packaging as a whole. Because with this, investment will be made in the right and most important packaging components, and  prices will come down if this is done right.

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